Popular "Old" Knitting Patterns

Knitting books by Elizabeth Zimmerman (1910-1999) and Alice Starmore remain two very popular publications among knitters. If you have a knitting book by these ladies, whether it is baby knitting patterns or anything else , hang on to it.

Elizabeth Zimmerman, known as EZ, was born in England and lived in the USA after marrying her German brewery master husband Arnold Zimmermann. She believed that the Continental method knitting was most efficient and fastest. This is where the yarn is held in the left hand unlike English knitting. Most English pattern books use the English or American style of knitting. So keen on knitting was EZ she even developed the ability to knit while on the back of her husband’s motorbike.

Alice Starmore was born in Scotland and started her profession in 1979. She is author of Aran Knitting (Interweave Press USA, 1997) which has become so popular that copies have sold for more than USD200.