Getting Started with Baby Knitting Patterns

What better way to learn to knit than with baby knitting patterns?  One of the reasons that I love doing baby things is because they’re small and finished in no time at all.  This makes baby knitting patterns ideal for the novice, the impatient, the adventurous or just those wanting test a variety of patterns on a small scale.  Have I covered everyone?

It was a passion I had as a young girl, the knitting of baby garments. My Grandmother taught me to knit and we used to spend such happy times together knitting for her baby wear shop.  We didn’t really need a baby knitting pattern for the booties which were always a great hit with her customers. It was Nana’s pattern and she has since passed away.  It’s been a while since I knitted baby booties and unfortunately I no longer remember the pattern.

I must admit that I always felt a sense of pride when it was my matinee jacket that was chosen for someone’s new bundle of joy.  And it was my first taste of earning money by doing something I enjoyed. 

If you have been looking at learning to knit you can’t go wrong with baby knitting patterns -- there’s a great satisfaction in completing them and they have all the elements of knitting but on a small scale.  Knitting Essentials is a lavishly illustrated e-book covering the field more comprehensively than any other how-to guide available today and will help you to get started on your knitting journey.